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LetterMpress FAQs

Q: Is there a quick start guide that gives a quick overview of common touch actions?

A: Yes. The quick start page can be found by choosing '?' button on the lower right corner of the screen and then selecting the first link on the Help Table of Contents page.

You can download a PDF of the in-app Help by clicking these links:

Mac: LetterMpress Mac Help

iPad: LetterMpress iPad Help

You can also view some short tutorial videos here:

  1. -Placing type and moving around the press bed

  2. -Shortcuts in LetterMpress

Q: How do I delete an object from the press bed?

A: Triple-tap the object to delete it.

Q: How do I lift an object off the press bed?

A: Double-tapping the object will lift it from the surface and keep it in a hover state until you double-tap on it to place it back on the press bed.

Q: How do I magnify the view in Compose mode?

A: Toggle the Type/Press icon to “Press” to pinch-zoom and move around the press bed. Toggle again to “Type” to move objects on the press bed.

Q: How can I keep objects from falling on my composition when I drag them from the drawer or case?

A: Keep your finger on the object for about two seconds after you drag it from the drawer or case. You'll see the object wiggle a little, and then you can release your touch.

Another way of keeping objects a hover state is to just tap and drag them in the drawer but let go of them briefly while still over the drawer. Type and furniture will never automatically drop down when they are hovering above the drawer. Then you can position the hovering type and it will not drop down until you double-tap it.

“Press” allows you to move around, and zoom-in and -out of the

press bed.

Toggling back to “Type” allows you to move, scale, and rotate objects on the press bed.